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Voicemail & Virtual PBX

It’s one number that does it all!

SimplyONE™ is a state-of-the-art virtual phone system that empowers your business to streamline communications on your team. Stay connected virtually anywhere, whether it be at the office, on the golf course or on the job site.

SimplyONE™ adapts to fit the needs of a growing company by managing extensions, voicemail and connectivity for your local or remote workforce — all without the need for expensive hardware or support staff. It’s a remarkable communications solution at a very competitive price.

SimplyONE - Voicemail and Virtual PBX Phone System
SimplyONE - Voicemail powerful enough to drive some of the nations largest companies

5 Powerful Apps Right at Your Fingertips - Just Click & Go

SimplyONE™ is a next-generation business phone app that does it all from one number — voicemail, hotline, redirect, virtual personal assistant or even a complex virtual pbx. It’s up to you! One number – multiple applications, right out of the box. The best part is that you can change the application anytime!


Probably the most useful phone tool in any business, voicemail is a cornerstone to keeping in touch with your customers. SimplyONE™ is by far the most advanced business voicemail solution available. Messages are stored in your Dashboard but can be delivered via SMS or email … it’s up to you. Don’t settle for free or unprofessional voicemail, let SimplyONE™ rise to the occasion for your business.

Virtual PBX

When it comes time to expand your phone system beyond one extension, SimplyONE™ virtual PBX is more than up for the challenge. Whether it’s 2 extensions or 200, this cloud-hosted virtual PBX is fast to setup and as reliable as it gets in your SimplyONE™ Dashboard. Find out a little more about how a PBX could propel your business forward this year.

Virtual Assistant

The virtual personal assistant is an incredibly useful application gives you a full suite of unified communication tools that adapt to your work day. True call handling by status modes, voicemail, fax, call forwarding, music on hold, and a lot more are available while using the VPA application. It’s like having your own personal assistant at your fingertips! Check it out.

24-7 Hotline

The hotline application tells your SimplyONE™ number to just play a greeting, and will NOT take messages or faxes. It is designed to let you record information about your company, products, or anything you want to inform your callers about. This application is great for real estate property recordings, sports team announcements, 24 hour recorded hotlines and much more! See more.


Redirect does one thing and one thing only: FORWARD CALLS. When someone calls your number they will immediately be forwarded to the phone number(s) you’ve programmed your service to call. The caller hears nothing but ringing before they are transparently forwarded to you. If you don’t answer the call, your caller will be put into your voicemail or answering machine on your end; NOT with your SimplyONE™ voicemail. Find out more.

3 Reasons Businesses Rely on SimplyONE™

5 Applications for the Price of One

With your SimplyONE™ number, you’ll get 5 powerful applications to work with:

  • Voicemail
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Hotline
  • Redirect
  • Virtual PBX

It would cost you thousands to piece these out individually.

Single Phone Number Simplicity

All features work with just one number. You can even bring your own number or select from local or toll-free inventory.

  • Easily route calls to your remote employees with your one number
  • Provide your team with unlimited extensions, no matter where they’re working
  • Keeps your branding consistent by keeping a single phone number

Cloud Optimized = No Hardware

Your voicemail and PBX will be securely hosted in the cloud so there’s no need for expensive support teams.

  • Your 24-7 dashboard gives you total control, anytime
  • No long term contracts for IT and support staff
  • Add new extensions on the fly without having to call a support team.

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“I needed much more complex functionality than my phone carrier’s voicemail could provide, and SimplyONE™ was the answer.”

Daryl Sprout

Owner, Zero Point Integration

NextPBX™ is an inexpensive way to maintain communications for small business. It allows the mobile businesses of today, compete tomorrow without being tethered to a land-line. I cannot recommend this service enough.
Justin Everett

CEO, Entrepreneur

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Get on board with the future of professional grade voicemail and virtual PBX. Let SimplyONE™ help transform your business today and say goodbye to that old phone system. Welcome to the ultimate cloud-hosted business phone system.

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