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How does it work?

One phone number. Multiple Applications.

NextPBX is a state-of-the-art virtual phone system that empowers your business to streamline communications on your team. Never miss another client phone call. We keep you connected wherever you are. 

We adapt to fit the needs of any company by allowing you to control how you want your phone number to function through the dashboard. This remarkable communications solution is affordable and eliminates the need for expensive hardware and support staff.

SimplyONE - Voicemail and Virtual PBX Phone System
SimplyONE - Voicemail powerful enough to drive some of the nations largest companies

You Choose your App!

Your NextPBX phone number does it all — voicemail, multiple extensions, virtual assistant, 24/7 hotline, and call forwarding. It’s up to you! This phone number provides you with a communication solution no matter what lifecycle your business is in. Change the application at any time to make it your own!

Sound Professional


When you are unavailable to accept a client call, voicemail is an easy solution to ensure you never miss another client call. Easily retrieve your voicemail messages through your email or dashboard so you never miss the important details. Sound more professional and call back your clients when the time is convenient for you.



Always Seem Available

Multiple Extensions

Provides a virtual phone system with unlimited extensions for your business. As your business grows and you add more employees or departments, make sure your phone system is set up to support your growth. Multiple extensions will support your growth, or can make your business sound bigger than you are!

Grow Your Business

Virtual Assistant

This app adapts to your availability through status mode selections. Instead of hiring a personal assistant to handle your calendar, use this application to set your phone based on your availability.

Be Informative

24/7 Hotline

Leave pertinent informational recordings for your customers in emergency situations or to announce important updates. This feature ensures you have a reliable channel of communication for your customers. It is designed to simply play a greeting for your callers and will not take messages.

Keep Your Cell Phone Private

Call Forwarding

Route your calls to your cell phone so you can work from anywhere. This app redirects your phone calls to any number you’d like so you can keep your personal phone number private. Not only will you sound more professional, but you will be convenienced too!

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